Take-Aways on a Full Notebook [2]

Once upon a time, I never bothered to take down notes. True, I always had a notebook with me, but that was to draw pictures with. I did not realize how much I could learn through the art of taking notes. (Besides avoiding dozing off during sermons and lectures, that is. 🙂 ) But, for the past three years, I have done my best to write down things I’ve heard from preachings, and guess what? I have learnt, and have been blessed. My first notebook is full and I have already shared bits and pieces here.  The excerpts I have written below are now from my second notebook, and I sincerely hope and pray that you too will be blessed as I have been. (And perhaps, you may be encouraged to start writing down notes too. :-))

“Yes, God is faithful to forgive us our sins and trespasses, but there are still consequences.”

“If we prepare our heart to honor the Lord, it is Him that will work.”

“Are Christians spoken of in the whole world for the faith that they have?”

“It is the love of Christ that compels the Christian to tell of what his Saviour has done.”

“From the examples in the Scripture, it is evident that God can use young people to do His purpose.”

“The rich young ruler preferred his possessions more than the glory of following Christ.”

“Before one can be saved, he must admit that he has sinned against the holy God.”

“Many times God will allow trouble to come your way, not to show you who He is, but to show you who you are.”

“You don’t get saved to get to heaven; you get saved to have the righteousness of God to make you righteous enough to be in His presence.”

“Anyone who can only go through life doing what he wants to do is a miserable person.”

“The devil’s philosophy–do as you please; God’s teaching–do as you’re told.”

“The only thing God requires is faithfulness; the greatest temptation is to just quit.”

“We should always think that God is holy so that our judgments may be excellent, sincere, without offence, and filled with the fruits of righteousness.”

“If your concept of God is faulty, your decisions may also be faulty.”

“Your knowledge about God is reflected in your life.”

“We become so engrossed with great Christian authors, but simple writing by Christians, who have been touched by God, can also bless us greatly.”

“In this age of grace, God gave us only one blessing–Jesus Christ.”

“No one has ever been in patient continuance in well doing.”

“God never intended us to live a life aside of a spiritual one.”

“If you want a new revelation everyday, read the Bible.”

“If your ministry does not include saving souls, consider what ministry you have.”

“When confronted with the will of God, are you willing to follow?”

“Watch out when you muse, watch out what you choose, and watch out when you lose.”

“The Gospel is free, but not cheap, because it has its cost–the precious blood of Christ.”



Take-aways on a Full Notebook

Note taking during preachings–some say ’tis an arduous task. But now that I’ve finished filling up one notebook with sermon notes I’ve taken, I see the the blessing of looking back through its pages and being reminded of things that challenged and prompted me continue to live as Christ commanded. As you read through some of these take-aways that I’ve listed here, my prayer is that it bless and encourage your life to serve Him more.

“God’s Word is given to offset the wickedness.”

“Many miss out on salvation because they would not forsake some people or things.”

“When you become a Christian, you become an ambassador all the way.”

“Grace is getting what we don’t deserve; mercy is not getting what we deserve.”

“God cannot be traced all the time, but He can always be trusted.”

“Wash each other’s dirt, and put no more.”

“Sin has its consequence–to the person, family, or nation.”

“He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.”

“The teachings of Christ cannot, and should not, be mixed with the traditions of men.”

“There are many times when we become ‘ingrato‘ to the Lord.”

“If you stop reading [the Bible], you stop hearing.”

“When you withdraw from those with wrong doctrine, persecution will be even more.”

“The Word of God is given to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable.”

“Being in your family and functioning your position is already your ministry.”

“The law obligates, but grace motivates.”

“Prayer is not powerful, but it is the God to whom we pray is powerful.”

“Growing in grace is manifests when the sense of sin becomes deeper.”

“Trials and blessings are of the Lord’s preparation.”

“Moving for the sake of the Word of God is a good decision, but moving for the sake of bread is a good choice.”