Lots of Big???

Time and time again, I stop, think, and ask myself,
“Am I doing the right thing?”

It’s a question almost all of us would just love to ignore, but can’t help it, for in the corner of our minds, a bell, however small, keeps ringing,
“Are you on the right track?
Are your steps following the Saviour?
Are your eyes still fixed heavenward?”

Added to those are the ones I’ve written on my Bible:
Does it please God?
Would I like the Lord to find me doing it when he returns?
Can I ask His blessing on what I’m doing?
Does it violate my conscience?
Would it cause a weak Christian to stumble?
Would it cause an unsaved person to reject the Gospel?

And here’s more:
Am I making others sin and disobey God?
Am I being a good ensample to the flock?
How’s our walk with God?

How many times have I disobeyed and defied God’s Word! I just praise and thank the Lord for his great mercies and abundant grace! It is only because of Him I am not consumed. “For every time that I have failed, each time I stumbled and sin prevailed, You picked me up and set my feet on solid ground.” I just pray that I would be able to keep my eyes steadfast on my Saviour.

I only wrote my thoughts, which are but a few; nonetheless, I hope it would be a blessing.