Stepping on His Footsteps

Quiet strolls at a quiet beach during quiet mornings and quiet afternoons are wonderful times for quiet thinking. 🙂 Just this afternoon, I was walking with my dad and JJ, my brother, along a beautiful beach. There were few people around so it was quiet…sort of. 🙂 The sand was soft, making it hard to walk. At first, I walked beside my dad. (My brother was somewhere around us, skipping, running, walking, searching for nice rocks, etc.) I realized that walking on sand that had not been trodden on was making it hard for me to keep up with my dad’s quick pace. So I fell behind and walked on my dad’s footsteps. Sure enough, it was waaaayyyy easier for me to step onto his footsteps rather than make my own. Once, I dawdled, admiring the scenery. The next minute, my dad was already ten meters away from me. I had to hurry up, or else the sand that he stepped on would get too soft again that I would not be able to walk as easily like I did before. When I finally caught up, I kept my eyes down, focusing on the marks his feet made, so I could tread on them. While I did so, I fell to quiet thinking.

When I walked beside my dad, trying to make my own steps, I had a hard time doing so. Sometimes, or rather, most of the times, we try to walk beside God, or even ahead of Him, trying to make our own way and not letting Him do it. There’s this path our Heavenly Father is making for us, but sadly, we forget to step on it. And you know what will happen: we’ll have a hard time doing so.

Then, when I followed my dad, stepping on his footsteps, walking was easy. Follow God; step on the path He’s made. When we obey God’s Word, when we walk in His light, when we stand on His promises, life is easy. Well, maybe not so easy, but we’ll always have the comfort that the Holy Spirit is there to guide us. We’ll never know how much we’re blessed, not until we follow His leading. But there’s yet another lesson.

When I lagged behind because I stopped to admire the surroundings, my dad’s footprints were disappearing because of the soft sand. I could not see them well enough to know if it was his steps. This can be described as: unfaithfulness. When we stop to look around and see what is in the world, we’ll lose track of the path God made for us. I almost lost track of my my dad’s footsteps. But when I caught up, I kept myself focused on every step he made. I pray that before we become sluggish and dawdle around, we’ll remember to focus on the path of God’s will, keeping our eyes on Jesus Christ.

Follow God; step on the path He’s made.

…quiet thinking… 🙂