Sewing Patience

“Little girls sew until their fingers fall off….” Or so the saying goes. Wellllll…..maybe not to the point that their fingers fall off because now we have sewing machines that make sewing clothes faster than when it was done by hand. Still, there are times when a seamstress has to use only a needle and thread to embroider, do beadwork and other intricate sewing.

Anyway, it is not just the home maker’s skill that little girls learn when they sew. While it is a valuable asset for ladies, there is something far more important that they get every time they sew. Their character is being built with every stitch, every mistake, every time they start again. Patience is learnt as they sit still, trying to sew straight lines. And it is patience that will help them in their every day life. I can say this without uncertainty because I myself sew dresses for the girls in my family. Patience is needed as they scrub dirty clothes, bake cakes and cookies, and cook. If they are not patient, the clothes will have to be laundered again, their cakes soggy in the middle, and their food half-cooked. Patience is needed to teach kids to do chores and schoolwork. And, if they are not patient, their kids may end up as unresponsible adults. Do you see how important it is? If you think it through, there are at least a dozen circumstances that proves patience is an absolute necessity. And guess what?? Little girls learn it with a needle and thread in their hands.

Why don’t we take a needle and thread and start sewing? Perhaps we can also learn patience. 🙂

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